Looking for Hot Places to Find Vulnerable Married Men? Here are Some Ideas

When you’re looking to find vulnerable married men, you need to know where to look.  They’re all over the place, but in many situations you might not see them if you don’t keep your eyes open.  That’s why you should have your eyes and ears open when you’re looking for this type of guy.  We all want to be the one to swoop in and make things all better, but if you don’t find a married man in the right frame of mind, you’ll simply wind up looking like the fool.


Vulnerable married menLook online

You might know it – you probably know it, but one of the very best places to find vulnerable married men is online.  When you’re looking online, you often find guys who are feeling downtrodden and unhappy in their marriage.  They will often be looking to start an affair with someone that can make them feel good about themselves and be happy again.  That will very likely be you.

You have to understand the lingo and the way that a vulnerable married man will talk.  He might try to sound macho, but not for long.  Before too long, he’ll be eager to get to know you and actually talk to you.  This guy is feeling down and he might not talk much about himself and what he’s all about, but when you offer compliments, he’s sure to enjoy it and you’ll know.

At the office…

…Or wherever you work, for that matter.  When you see the people you’re around the most day after day, you’ll likely be able to tell when he’s feeling pretty down in his relationship.  Maybe his wife is cheating on him or maybe she just makes him feel bad.  Maybe he’s having financial troubles.  No matter what, you’ll know when that gorgeous married guy is suddenly vulnerable and in need of a little pick me up.  The key is for you to be the sympathetic ear that he turns to.

When he thinks that you’re “just friends” and he’s able to really vent to you, he won’t even see when things become something more and that’s what you’re looking for if you want to start an affair with this guy.  So, get yourself spruced up, put on your best pair of heels and get ready to lend a comforting shoulder and see what happens.

Just about anywhere you go

You will actually be able to find vulnerable married men just about anywhere you go.  They’re all over the place, except at the clubs.  If you’re seeking a vulnerable married man in the clubs, you will likely want to keep your eyes out for the guy who isn’t coming on to anyone.  He might be hanging out with his friends, but he likely won’t be trying to pick up on women too hard.

Keep an eye out for his wedding ring or the telltale band around his finger while you’re at it.  Since he’s vulnerable but still married, he’s probably not looking for you right now, but when he meets you – he’ll wonder why he wasn’t looking.