Should I Sleep With a Married Man?

Do you know a crazy hot married man who is all about sleeping with you?  Are you wondering if you should go for it and see where it leads or walk away now?   Good question and a lot of your answers will lie in the type of person that you are and the type of person that he is.  There are complications with having an affair, so you need to consider these before you take the next step or you might wind up getting hurt.


Sleep with a married manYou should if…

You should sleep with a married man if you’re just out to satisfy some curiosity and aren’t in it for love.  If you want the perks of dating a married man and just want to enjoy his company, you might be in the right frame of mind to sleep with your married man.  Sleeping with a man who is married can be a tricky situation, so if you’re sure that your liaison is going to take you over the edge of love you should avoid being with this type of man or know that you’re opening yourself up to a lot of potential heart ache.

You might also want to consider sleeping with a married man if you’ve been going around with him for a while.  Lots of married men are all about the falling in love and dating, so if you’re with one of them and you’re able to handle the heartache of knowing that he goes to bed each night with his wife until he gets things together enough to leave her, you should sleep with him.

You shouldn’t if…

Lots of married men are players.  They want to play you because it makes them really happy to know that they’ve gotten another great looking woman to bare it all for him.  If you cannot stand to be played, then you should stay away from this kind of married man.  Keep in mind that he is playing his wife as well as you, and you’re not likely to benefit from being with this guy in any way – unless it’s a fun encounter, but that’s all you’re going to get from him.

You also should not sleep with a married man if you can’t handle knowing that he’s married.  In a sense, you’re only borrowing him.  Yes, you get to enjoy the very best of him.  Yes, he might be gorgeous, fun and fun loving, but if you are the type that wants to be with this guy, you should probably tell him to call you when he’s divorced and walk away.

Of course, sometimes things happen without much thought behind them.  He’s adorable and fun and next thing you know you simply have to have him.  The two of you might have a connection and that’s good, but it’s likely that there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t wish he was with you instead of her.  You know that this can be messy, but now that you’re in – well, you’re in.

If you haven’t yet, consider the situation before you sleep with a married man because it’s easy for them to say they will leave their wives, but the fact is that they often don’t.  You need to know if you will be ready for that before you even get into it, or you might wind up getting hurt.