How to Get a Married Man to Leave His Wife

If you’re dating a married man and you really love him, you know how badly you want him to leave his wife.  You want him all for yourself and sometimes this happens easily, but other times this is a bit more challenging.  Chances are that if you’ve been having your affair for a while, he’s not going to leave.  He’s enjoying the arrangement too much and has no intention of destroying his marriage to be with you.  Sure he loves you, but he probably doesn’t want to go through the hassle and heartache of leaving.  In fact, it’s likely that he still loves her.

Here are some tips on how to get a married man to leave his wife, but you’ll have to start early in your affair and stick to your guns.


married manChoose wisely

If you think that you’re going to have an affair with a married man, you should choose wisely from the beginning.  Don’t just jump in the sack with him before you find out what type of married man he is.  Choose the vulnerable married guy that is unhappy in his marriage but is a commitment type of guy.  If he wants a loving relationship, then this will be the type of guy that is going to leave his unloving wife for a relationship with you.  This is the type of married man that you should choose to start a thing with.

Don’t sleep with him until you’ve laid it out there

You need to be clear on what you expect from him.  Get to know him, spend time with him and make sure that he enjoys you.  Make sure that you are very clear on the fact that you expect him to leave his wife and be quick about it because you don’t want to start something that can’t be finished.  If you do sleep with him, you should only do it one time and hold out if you can after that.  When he starts begging, you need to be firm and tell him that you have no intention of carrying on with him if he’s not willing to leave her for you.

Stay firm

There may come a time when you have to stick to your guns.  You’ve been clear as to what you want from him; you’ve let him know that you’re not going to keep something going if he doesn’t leave his wife and you’ve given a time frame.  If he won’t do it, you’re going to have to stop seeing him.  Yes, this hurts.  It’s likely that you’re in love with him by now, but if you want to have an ongoing relationship with this man, it’s important that he respect and value you enough to do what you ask of him and that starts by leaving his wife.

No, dating a married man isn’t easy, but if you decide early on that you won’t stay with him if he doesn’t leave his wife, then it will be easier for you to stay strong when things don’t seem to be going that way.