In Love with a Married Man? Don’t Worry – You’re Not Alone

There it is – it’s out in the open and you simply can’t help it:  you’re in love with a married man.  He’s adorable and fun.  He’s sweet and good to you and he makes you feel like you’re walking in the clouds.  He’s everything you wanted and more.  The problem is that he’s married.  Like he has a wife, a home, family…  He’s that kind of married.

He says he’s in love with you, too.  He makes time to see you when you might think he wouldn’t have time.  Your married man takes care of you and would rather be with you than at home.  That’s why you know that he’s in love with you just like you’re in love with him.


Love with a married manIf you’re alone and think about it, it might almost feel scandalous.  Stolen moments, calls and kisses all add up to a relationship that others – especially others who are married – might look down on, but when you’re with him you know it’s the real deal.   You know that the things he tells you are the total truth.  You can see how much it hurts him that the two of you can’t be together all the time and this is enough to keep you from ending your relationship.

You might not realize it, but you’re not alone.  Lots of women are in love with married men.  They have an ongoing relationship with a man who is married.  Sometimes these men leave their wives and other times things are really complicated.  It’s not just about his wife’s feelings; there’s the matter of finances that are tied up together, children and even the family dog.  When people are married for any amount of time their lives become entwined and its complicated getting free of these ties.

This has caused women to be in love with their married man and just stay that way.  He doesn’t leave – and you don’t push it.  Maybe his wife knows, or maybe not, but you force yourself to be happy with the arrangement because he’s explained it to you and you believe him.  Of course it’s not ideal – living this way, but for now this situation is okay with you.

You’re not bad or a terrible person.  It’s not like you start calling him if he spends “family time” and you’re left to your own devices.  It’s not as if you’re actually trying to break up a marriage.  You would love him even if he never left.  You didn’t plan to fall in love with a married man, it just happened and now you certainly can’t un-love him.  If you’re like many you know because you’ve tried.  It just doesn’t work that way.

They say you can’t help who you fall in love with and if you’re in love with a married man, you know that this statement couldn’t be closer to the truth.  Whether you set out to seduce him and fall in love with him or not, there is more than one “right” person for each one of us.  If you happen to meet a guy that’s married and he turns out to be “the one” then you likely know it.  The key is in knowing how to deal with it – loving him even though he’s married – so that you can still enjoy every aspect of your life and be happy yourself.