There Are Different Types of Married Men – Can You Identify Them?

Just like different people have different personalities, married men have different types.  It can usually be split into three categories, but learning to identify where the married man you have in your sites falls can really help you if you’re interested in dating one of them.

Committed married man

If you’re looking to have a little fling with a married man, you may be able to land one of these guys, but it’s likely going to be tough.  This type of guy is very in love with his wife and is happy and secure in his relationship.  He’s not feeling vulnerable or unhappy with his wife, so in many cases, the only way you’re going to wind up having a thing with this type of married man is if he’s had too much to drink.


Different types of married menIf you do wind up hooking up with this type of married man, you should be ready because chances are just as things heat up; he’s going to bring the situation to a screeching halt.  He’ll feel guilty and unhappy if he follows through with what he started, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see him again.

The playboy

This type of married man will be happy to hook up and have a good time, but for him, it’s more about the conquest and less about the desire for love.  He has love – most of the time, he’s got a great wife that he really enjoys, but he’s all about the hook up.  So, if you’re looking for a good time, this is your guy.  You’ll likely see him out with his friends time and again.  In fact, you probably know a couple and don’t even realize it.  If he hasn’t gotten to you yet, you should be careful because he will.

Maybe it’s boredom for him or maybe he just hasn’t  shown his “wild oats” but this guy is going to do what it takes to keep his marriage alive, which means you won’t get his phone number.  In fact, the only time you will see or hear from this guy is when he’s out with his friends.  If he knows you’re a sure thing though, he’s going to keep coming back.

Mr. Vulnerability

This man is hurting.  He’s unhappy in his current marriage and disappointed by the disillusionment of life with his wife.  This man has been brought down and is feeling pretty badly about himself.  He’s looking for love and if might come for you.  This type of married man enjoys the commitment of marriage and just wants a woman that he can enjoy and love.

This is the affair type of guy and he’s sure to fall in love if he starts one up.  If you want to date a vulnerable married man, then this is the one you want to be looking for, because your chances of developing something lasting are quite high.

When you know the different types of married men, you’ll be able to spot them and choose the one that you really want to get to know.