Why Do Women Like to Date Married Men?

It seems to be a question that’s asked over and over again.  Why do women like to date married men?  Is it that they enjoy being able to take a guy from everything he’s promised to hold dear?  Is it that they like the lack of commitment and enjoy the chase?  What is it about dating a married man that is such a turn on for so many women?  The answer is different for each woman of course, but you’ll find that there are many different reasons that women choose to have an affair with a married man.  Some of the most common might surprise you, though.


Date married manMarried or not – it doesn’t matter

Amazingly, many women who wind up dating a married man say that it wouldn’t matter if he were married or not.  It just so happens that the man she is dating is married.  In this situation, it’s often the case that these women men the man they are dating and didn’t even know he was married for a while.  By the time these ladies find out about his other commitments, they realize that they really like him and don’t want to stop dating him.  So, these ladies decide to be “the other woman” and enjoy the ride.

While this isn’t always an ideal situation, many of the women who wind up dating married men this way still enjoy dating their guys and have real, true emotional relationships with them.  The relationships they are in are just as committed as if the man they dated were single.  These relationships are real and often end in the married man leaving his wife.

More freedom

Some women who like to date married men enjoy it because of the freedom that this type of dating offers.  A married man doesn’t always have time for his “girlfriend” and for the women who choose to date this way, the freedom is a perk.  Maybe these ladies have very busy lives; maybe they don’t want to get married.  Maybe they are away often or want to keep their options open.  The point is that dating a married man who is still actively enjoying his marriage and family life can offer a woman much more freedom than a traditional relationship.

There are often perks involved

Here’s another thing about dating a married man that many women enjoy:  perks.  That’s right – lots of married men enjoy pampering their girlfriends and this might mean traveling to exotic places, financial gifts and even expensive jewelry and clothing.  For lots of women who are in this sort of situation, these gifts more than make up for the fact that the man they are dating is married and it might be a major draw for you.

No matter why you choose to date a married man, there can often be many different benefits to this type of situation.  So, why do women like to date married men?  The answers vary, but you might want to try it and decide what the draw is for you.