There are Some Good Things about an Affair with a Married Man

If you’re having an affair with a married man or are considering an affair with a married man, you likely know that there are good things and not so good things about this decision. Sure, he’s gorgeous. He smells good, he makes you happy and you really, really like him. Sure the attraction is almost more than you can bear, from the eye contact to the electricity that you both feel when you brush past one another; it might feel almost inevitable that you’re going to start an affair at some point. If you’re seriously thinking about it, it’s likely that you’re closer to having this happen than you might think.

a married man

So, aside from instant gratification, what could possibly be good about having an affair with a married man? For many women, there benefits are worth the challenges and they might be for you too.

When you have an affair with a married man, you don’t have the same type of commitment. Many women feel that the man they are with can’t set boundaries that he himself cannot keep. Many affairs will take their own progression, and this is fine, but for a woman who isn’t interested in living with the man she has a relationship or “taking it to the next level,” so to speak, an affair with a married man helps to set some boundaries that might not otherwise be in place.

Having an affair with a married man often provides you with the “best” of the man you’re with. You’re enjoying downtime with this man. It’s all about having a good time. You’re not getting involved in his work, finances or his day to day life, so you get a great guy without the worries that go with many committed relationships.

An affair with a married man can also be a great way to have the relationship that you really want – when you want it. Sometimes, if you’re driven in your career and life, you don’t have the time it takes to provide all the attention that many serious relationships might require. That’s part of the reason that this type of affair really appeals to many women.

Also, an affair with a married man is just fun for many women. They meet a great looking, fun loving man who wants to spend time with them. This guy might be married, but he keeps coming back to you – this makes him partly “yours.” A real affair with a married man can be emotionally rewarding because many of these guys are really just looking for the elements that are missing in their marriages. They are looking for love, lust and some true enjoyment out of life. That means that you as the other woman get to give and receive these perks.

There are lots of reasons why a woman might start an affair with a married man and yours might be different than those of other women. You have your reasons, and if you know that gorgeous, funny, quirky guy that you just have to have, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to wind up having an affair with a married man.